City Grand Malls is a Palestinian real-estate company established in 2017. It is specialized in commercial and entertainment real estate in Palestine. The company aims to develop urban construction in Palestine, where it strives to make a dramatic change in the field of shopping centres, as this manifests in the implementation of the company’s first project in Palestine; a huge shopping centre which will be called ‘Centro mall’. The mall will be under the company’s direct responsibility and management, starting from the mall’s construction and finishing at operating all commercial, health and entertainment facilities. City Grand Mall will work hard to apply the best management systems regarding quality, health and safety and according to international standards.


Located in the heart of Ramallah’s city center, Centro Mall is set to become the largest mall in Palestine with an overall area of 70,000 square meters. The Mall includes a total of 40,000 square meters of rentable space, 300 retail shops including a number of major stores, and 20-30 restaurants and cafes. With an access to the three main streets: Yafa Street, Al-Bareed Street, and Al-Ma’ared Street, the mall diametrically connects the city all-together, and will welcome 40,000 visitors daily and 14,000,000 visitors annually.

Centro Mall is inspired by luxury and will offer an unparalleled retail site combined with the most premium dining, entertainment, and leisure attractions. The mall will host world-class international brands yet preserve the unique trademark of the Palestinian culture with the various traditional restaurants, cafés, and shops. Centro Mall, a new meaning of the Palestinian shopping experience.


One of the most important aspirations of City Grand Mall is to create an unprecedented urban development in the field of shopping centers in Palestine which will transform the city of Ramallah into an attraction from all parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem and 48 areas. The company also aspires to expand this urban development to include all Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


City Grand Mall’s vision is developing urban construction in all fields most importantly the commercial centers in Ramallah. The company is also aspiring to target all cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This will directly be reflected in the economic development in Palestine which will provide thousands of job opportunities and employees directly or indirectly.

The company will also deliver the highest level of service to customers and investors by providing a modern business environment in Ramallah or offering advice on projects that will bring revenues and valuable investments in one of the most important cities in the West Bank.

In order to attain this vision, the company has employed skilled and experienced staff, engineers and designers to lead and manage this enormous project. The company will also provide a network of dealers throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem who will facilitate the tasks for customers and investors, in addition to signing advisory agreements with the largest real estate companies in the world to guarantee the execution of projects within international standards.

City Grand Mall believes that the expertise and loyalty of its Palestinian staff towards Palestine and the company respectively is one of the most important reasons that will bring about dramatic change in the field of urban development and move the wheel of the Palestinian economy and support the steadfastness of our people in the face of all challenges.


The City Grand Mall has a proven record in delivering projects over the past years, noting that it has delivered about 150 residential and commercial projects as well as a large number of under construction projects.

- Key aspects encourage you to work with City Grand Malls:

1- Experience in the field of real estate for more than 15 years.
2- Fast and effective execution of projects.
3- You can chose City Grand Malls for strategic locations.
4- Special advanced capabilities in the areas of design, sales and project implementation.
5- A future outlook that will guarantee the company’s future growth.
6- A highly experienced management of team and committed shareholders.