Through the strategic partnership between Abu Ein Holdings headed by Eng. Ala Abu Ein and Al-Nabali and Fares Holdings headed by Mr. Dorgham Al-Nabali and Eng. Khaled Al-Fares, City Grand Malls has been born to revolutionize the Palestinian shopping and entertainment experiences. Both companies, Abu Ein Holdings and Al-Nabali and Fares Holdings, have earned recognition for undertaking complex projects, embracing innovation, fostering the most-recent technologies, and inspiring particularity in the community. With both groups on the lead, City Grand Malls has adopted a commitment to a change of culture, creativity and growth. At City Grand Malls, we are continuously expanding our projects to inspire the constructional and infrastructural development of Palestine. We are also committed to launching other projects in other Palestinian cities.


The Company was established in 1999. It was initially specialized in housing and real estate development. The company achieved many accomplishments and became one of the most important companies in real estate. The company has expanded to become a group of diverse companies: Al-Nabali and fares for Real Estate Development, Al-Nabali and Fares for Agricultural Development and Al-Nabali and fares for Tourism Development.

The number of the Company’s projects reached 70. The projects have varied between residential and commercial projects where more than 50% have been completed, in addition to another 10 new projects.

Al Nabali and Fares for Agricultural Development Company:

This company was established to contribute to the development of the Palestinian Agricultural sector, especially the Palm sector. The company’s main aim is to enhance the long-term Palestinian Agricultural investment, in order to strengthen the Palestinian economy and provide job opportunities. The company falls into:

1- Group Drip Uni:
The company is comprised of 4 specialized subsidiaries including:

- Hydroval: Specialized in producing irrigation pipes.
- Drip Uni: Specialized in producing more than 100 kinds of irrigation pipes.
- Majhool Palms: Specialized in dates production.
- Uni Drip Project: A company that specialized in the implementation of irrigation projects in Morocco.
- Palestinian Gardens: Specialized in growing and providing the local and international market with good quality agricultural products.

Al-Nabali and Fares for Tourism Development:

The company invests in the tourism sector where it is constructing an international standard Water Park in Jordan over an area of 30 dunums.


Abu Ein Holdings comprises of five subsidiaries including:

1- Royal Group: The company was established in 2009 to start its successful journey in the construction of residential, commercial and office units as well as independent villas. The property began with the Royal Villas project in the beautiful neighborhood of Al-Tira in Ramallah, to residential buildings in different parts of Ramallah and Al-Bireh. In 2018-2019, the company will expand its projects to include: Orient Villas in Jericho, Golden Gate Commercial Residence on Main Street in Batn Al Hawa, and Al-Tira Neighborhood Villas Property.

2- Marmara Group: A company specialized in the construction of residential units and commercial centers.

3-STIA Company: STIA for Import and Export was founded in 2001 and is specialized in the imports and manufacture of household appliances, electrical appliances, cleaning materials, household tools, plastic garden furniture, and food-related material.

4- Dynamic group: Dynamic Group for Electromechanical and Energy Services was established in 2015 to become a pioneer in the Palestinian electrical and mechanical industry.

5- Pal-Aluminum Company: Pal Aluminum is a specialized manufacturer of aluminum kitchenware and house accessories.